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Al-Mg-Mn Roof Sheet, Clip-lock Roofing Sheet by Standing Seam System KA-420



Al-Mg-Mn roof sheet is an angular clip-locking standing seam trapzoidal rib profile roll formed on mobile mills to any length. 

Model Type: 65-430                        

KA-420 Al-Mg-Mn Roof Sheet


Standing Seam System is a kind of point supporting roofing system, whose core composition is a special plate-shaped metal sheet based on the design of the standing seam locking way. This design is mainly aimed at the large-span self-supporting tight installation system. No perforation can be seen on the roof, because the method of support is hidden under the panel.

The connection way of this roof sheet is to use its unique aluminum alloy supporting fastener, the sheet and the standing locking edge of the sheet seam to form a tight connection. The seam process of this sheet does not require manpower, and it is completely completed by the machine automatically. The connection way can solve the sheet stress caused by thermal expansion and contraction. This advantage is reflected in the fact that the plate can be made to have a longitudinally long size without deformation due to stress. At the same time, the complete supply of accessories for this roofing system can meet the requirements of various architectural forms.

The features of Standing Seam System:

  1. Mature structure power transmission protection system, suitable for roof or wall with slope ≥1.5°, has a long history and is widely used;

  2. On-site production, a single sheet with long-span (≤200m) can pass through without any length barge, no nail holes, simple construction, firm locking;

  3. Excellent drainage and anti-seepage function, unique thermal expansion resistance and safe wind pressure resistance;

  4. Advanced secondary molding process, easily solve the problem of coverage of hyperboloid or single surface;

  5. High class, low energy consumption, practical, beautiful and environmentally friendly.


The material of Standing Seam roof sheet is aluminum-manganese-magnesium plate, which is short for Al-Mg-Mn, with label used of AA3004. In addition to manganese (1.0-1.5%), a certain amount of magnesium metal is added to these two alloys, so that the tensile strength, yield strength and ductility are obtained. Increased, very suitable for the processing of hemming and rolling equipment used in roofing systems.

Due to the advantages of moderate structural strength, weather resistance, stain resistance, and easy bending and welding processing, AA3004 is generally recognized as a roofing and exterior wall material with a design life of more than 50 years.


Standing Seam Sheet is widely used in field of airport roofs, station buildings, conference and exhibition centers, stadiums, public service buildings, shopping malls, commercial/civilian residential roofing and wall systems.

Standing Seam System 02

Standing Seam System 01