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Industrial Office Factory, Prefabricated Pre-engineered Steel Structure Building


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Introduction of Prefabricated Steel Structure Building

Prefabricated steel structure modular building is a prefabricated building mainly composed of steel structure integrated module units assembled on the construction site.

The steel structure integrated module unit is a three-dimensional spatial body with building functions, which is composed of factory prefabricated steel structure main structure, enclosure wall, floor deck plate, top roofing plate, interior partition components, etc.

The steel modular building has a high degree of completion and integration, with advantages such as fast construction, good construction, and full functionality. It is suitable for residential buildings such as apartments, hotels, schools, dormitories, residences, medical facilities, and office blocks, as well as some industrial buildings.

In the design phase of modular architecture, the building space is modularized, and integrated and integrated design is carried out to ensure the scalability of the functional space and maximize the repetition rate of components; In the production stage, modular units can achieve standardized assembly line mass production in the factory workshop, ensuring good uniformity of building quality; During the construction and installation phase, the overall module unit assembly installation method is adopted, which has higher installation accuracy, faster assembly speed, and is conducive to achieving digital information collaboration, tracking, and management throughout the design, production, and construction process.

According to calculations, the main assembly rate of modular buildings can reach over 90%, and on-site labor can be reduced by 70% compared to traditional construction methods. The comprehensive construction period can be shortened by more than one-third compared to traditional construction methods. In terms of green and low-carbon, compared with traditional construction methods, modular buildings can reduce on-site construction waste by more than 75%, reduce on-site construction noise pollution by more than 90%, and ensure the high-quality and green low-carbon development of engineering projects while achieving standardized production and rapid integrated assembly.

Steel Structure Member Production in ASBUILT Workshop 

Steel Structure Member Production Workshop


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