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K Modular House for Prefab Barrack, Labor Camp Accommodation, Worker Dormitory


K房钢骨架 640_450

Internal of K Modular House_640

Description Dimension Width & length can be extended based on standard module K (1K=1820mm)
Insulation Optional by EPS, PU, fiber glass and rock wool
Loading One 40’HQ can load about 300㎡~400㎡
Assembly 6 skillful labors may finished 150㎡ in 8 hours
Wind Load 0.45KN/㎡
Seismic Intensity 7 degree
Life Span 10~15 years
Advantage Economical in price - Much lower cost compared to Wooden camp building.
- Lower than brick camp building.
- Very minimal maintenance cost, no painting or repainting for more than 10 years.
Fast in construction - Very fast in construction, hence you can save cost on temporary housing cost which ultimately lower your operating cost.
- Components are pre-design at factory before building, to suit your needs
Ecological - Our ASBUILT modular is environment friendly, no wood is used.
Mobile - If needed, our building can be easily uninstalled and re build again at any other place, with minimal replacement.
Usage Widely used in construction sites, government resettlement, energy mine camps, municipal temporary housing, temporary housing for various commercial activities, etc.
Application site camp, dormitory, office, low rise warehouse, canteen, classroom, low cost housing
Calculation  1 house area=external width * external length * number of floors
2 stair area: for two floors housing, each straight stair is 4.5m2, each corner stair is 9m2; for three floors housing, each stair is 16.4m2
3 awning area= half of the horizontal projected area, width of awning is 1.2m, front and back
4 walkway area=horizontal projected area, width of walkway is 1m
Total Calculated Area= (1)+(2)+(3)+(4)