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Product Detail


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Modular Silence Booth, Private Sound Box, Independent Pod for Studio / Office Space / Work / Conference / Study Room


Modular Silence Booth_Model

Product Dimension

Model Cabin External Cabin Internal G.W. N.W. Capacity
S D1010*W972*H2272mm D900*W840*H2140mm ≈265KG ≈221KG 1 PAX
M D1310*W1472*H2272mm D1200*W1340*H2140mm ≈411KG ≈351KG 1-2 PAX
ML D1910*W1472*H2272mm D1800*W1340*H2140mm ≈458KG ≈388KG 2 PAX
L D1610*W2172*H2272mm D1500*W2040*H2140mm ≈611KG ≈546KG 4 PAX
XL D2210*W2172*H2272mm D2100*W2040*H2140mm ≈712KG ≈643KG 6 PAX

Product Model

Product Parameters

Item Description
Cabin Frame Material Aluminum   alloy frame be made of reinforced die-casting profile, be electrostatically   sprayed with high-quality cyclohydrogen resin powder.
Cabin Side Wall /Floor/Ceiling Sandwich   type sound insulated structure, panel thickness is 38mm to reach flammability   rating Grade-A. Both two faceplates are aluminum honeycomb wall panel, in   between filled with high-density eco-friendly sound-absorbing cotton which   has 2mm polymer damping sound insulation material pasted.
Cabin Front Wall silk   printing tempered glass, thk.10mm
Cabin Interior Wall eco-friendly   polyester fiber acoustic panel, thk.12mm
Entrance single   leaf door made of tempered glass with silent handle & lock
Power Supply 100-240V/50-60Hz
Lighting System Natural   lighting. Three-color adjustable light sensor 7W flat panel lighting.
Exhaust System light   and silent Fresh Air Ventilation, the PD principle of long path soundproofed   air circulation ducts. The cabin noise will be lower than 35 dB under full   power operation.
Electrical System socket   (plug way is optional), switch
Furniture optional   for supply
Sound Insulation Parameter Sound Transmission Loss RW+Ctr35dB(±5dB)
Reverberation   Time RT0.25s(±0.1s)
Voice   Clarity 99% (D50)

Modular Silence Booth_Description

Modular Silence Booth_Material

Silence Booth in the public office area

Modular Silence Booth provides you a private and comfortable place to do your creative works.

Prefab Sound Box satisfy your needs for creative design space.

Work Office
Meeting Room
Conference Room
Telephone Booth
Recreation Broadcast Room
Live Room
Musical Room
Piano Room
Learning Training Room
Study Room

Modular Silence Booth_002

Modular Silence Booth_003

Modular Silence Booth_001

Modular Silence Booth_004

Call Box at Airport Waiting Area

Silence Booth at Baiyun Airport_1_800Silence Booth at Baiyun Airport_2_800Silence Booth at Baiyun Airport_3_800