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Prefabricated Decoration System

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In recent years, the China Government has vigorously promoted the development of prefabricated buildings, and strives to make prefabricated buildings account for 30% of the new building area in about 10 years. 

So it’s believed that everyone has heard of prefabricated buildings.

Prefabricated Decoration System

Everyone knows about prefabricated buildings, but what is a prefabricated decoration system?

Like prefabricated buildings, prefabricated decoration systems are also refined in the early stage, and then standardized components are selected for installation.

However, the difference is that prefabricated buildings are mainly components of the main structure of the building, such as beams, slabs, columns, etc.;

The prefabricated decoration system is the standardized components required for house decoration after the main body is completed, such as prefabricated partition walls, prefabricated ceilings, prefabricated bathrooms, etc.

Among them, the early refined design is an important part of the prefabricated decoration system.

The design of the prefabricated decoration system is a product design based on the selection of parts. The relationship between the structure and the interior, the interior and the outer protection, the interior and the equipment and pipelines, and the equipment and pipelines are closely and mutually influencing.

The design of the prefabricated decoration system must comprehensively consider the relationship between them, avoid conflicts, and form the coherence and integration between the various professions, so as to achieve the ultimate goal of drawing a blueprint to the end.