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Hawaii Style Tiny Home, Modular Container Home, Prefabricated Container House



This newly designed Hawaii Style Tiny Home is assembled by prefabricated container module as the main body frame and the extra roofing top as the covering canopy. Each tiny home consists of three standard flatpack container modules and an extra roof covering. Each tiny house is designed to have 1 living, 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom and 1 open kitchen.

The flatpack container house is a kind of highly prefabricated and mature containerized porta cabin, composed of high-strength galvanized section profiles and insulated enclosure system, which can be multi stacked in 3 floors. 

Each unit of flatpack container house is finished assemble in 40 minutes by using crane. After assembly, the flatpack container cabin can be hoisted wholely by crane and move to other site. It shorts the time from build to deliver and lower the overall costs. 

Its integrated drainage system composed of roof gutter and hidden downpipe perfectly solves the problem of water leakage. 

The flatpack container module has the excellence of integrity framework, high-level prefabrication, easy assembly,  modularization for flexible combination and bodily movement.  


 Designed Dimension 

  • L6055×W7325×H2896mm  


Site camp accommodation, residence, resort, hotel, guest room, etc

 Data Sheet of Standard Flatpack Container Module 


Specification Details
Dimension External L6055×W2435×H2896mm
Internal L5895×W2275×H2605mm
Weight Within the range of 1350-1850KG
Loading Volume standard 6 modules /40'HC more or less for customized size
Technical Performance Floor Load 2.0 KN/㎡
Roof Load 0.75 KN/㎡
Wind Load 0.50 KN/㎡
Seismic Fortification Intensity 8
Fire Rating Classification A1
Thermal Insulation 0.62 W/(sqm.K)
Heat Preservation 0.043 W/(m.K)
Sound Insulation 20 DB
Stacked Layers 3
Repeated Dismantle Times 180+
Life Time 20+ years

Besides to the main body of the prefabricated tiny home, we ASBUILT are available to offer and supply the belows supporting facilities:

Supporting Facilities_400

Application Case Of Container Hotel With Membrane Structure Tent & Canopy

Application Case Of Container Hotel With Tent

Dimension of Flat Packing Box for delivery

Flat Packing for bulk-cargo delivery

Delivery and Transportation

Transportation of Container