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Prefabricated Tent Hotel, Gradan Tent Hotel, Movable Hotel Building


Rendering of Tent Hotel

The prefabricaed tent hotel, from the design of the platform to the structure of the roof, all components are interlocked and closely connected, so that the characteristics of the tensioned membrane structure can be fully utilized. It can be firmly and safely constructed in various terrains and can withstand strong winds of 8-10 grade, and the ability to carry rain and snow is also very superior. It is fully applicable to different regions and climates with different temperature differences.

The prefab tent hotel usually use double-layer PVC coated fiber cloth (customizable colors) as the tarpaulin, which has superior properties such as wind resistance, rain resistance, warmth, tear resistance, flame retardancy, sound insulation, good self-cleaning ability and colorfast. The wall adopts ecological wall panels reinforced with light steel keel, the wall thickness can reach 90mm~120mm, and the applicable temperature is -30~70℃, so that the hotel tent can be used safely in various climates. At the same time, buyers can request cold-proof and heat-insulating layers according to customized needs, and various properties of the tent.

Product Advantage: 

The modular tent hotel is a new type of movable building. The hotel building adopts an integrated adjustable platform to form an integrated structure with the tent, which is used as a temporary facility at the tourist attractions. The overall frame structure has the functions of rapid installation, repeated construction and dismantling, and reuse.

Besides to the main body of the prefabricated tent hotel, we ASBUILT are available to offer and supply the belows supporting facilities:

Supporting Facilities_400

Application Case Of Container Hotel With Tent