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Prefabricated Bathroom Pod, Integrated Bathroom Unit, Integral Bathroom Cabin


The Prefabricated Bathroom Unit adopts an integrated waterproof chassis or combination of waterproof trays, forms an integral space with the wall panel and the roof/ceiling panel, comes into being an independent bathroom unit formed by supporting various functional sanitary ware which can realize various functions such as washing, bathing, dressing, and toileting in a limited space. The integrated bathroom has the characteristics of reliable quality, waterproof and anti-seepage, convenient installation and unified overall style.

Strusture of Integrated Bathroom Pod

1. The prefabricated bathroom we conveys the feeling of a traditionally built bathroom.

2. With modern construction techniques, high quality materials and a sophisticated system, we offers a unique solution for the bathroom pod.

3. The prefabricated bathroom we provide the client the opportunity of choosing the surface finishes: tiles, marble, glass, plastic materials and wood.

Integrated Bathroom Unit

Integrated Bathroom Pod

4. All dimensions for walls/floor/ceiling are variable, allowing you to design your own customized bathroom.